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R. Matthew

ProfessionGurus helped me in deciding whether I should be continuing with my job or pursuing my MBA. I spoke to couple of Gurus who had their master’s degree and they advised me that an MBA degree is beneficial in the long term as lots of companies prefer students with MBA degree for some of the senior positions and it will be easier to get an internship too. So now I am pursuing my MBA at an Ivy League University and looking forward to my first internship this summer.

Professional Guru

P. Shaw

I am really glad that a friend recommended me to ProfessionGurus. I was able to connect with some of the professionals who were in the same program that I wanted to pursue at Georgia Tech. Not only I was able to get information about the professors and the classes; I also found out ways to connect with other students. It gave me a sense of ease and calmed me down before I flew there from India as I had already made friends and knew where I can find vegeterian food on campus.

Professional Guru


I had just landed in America with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and very little work experience. I submitted several applications online with no response. I had no idea what to do, and went to ProfessionGurus for help. One of the Gurus went through my experience and resume, made some modifications to better fit the job market. Within a month, I was getting several interviews and I finally landed a great internship at a major aerospace company. I am grateful to ProfessionGurus for their advice


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